Sunday, 13 October 2013

Industrialism Has Paved The Way For Many Inventions Like Lawn Mowers

Industrialism has improved life in many ways. We have created machines that do work for us. It all started with factories creating machines to eliminate the many employees that each had a job in the factories' work lines. It is advances like this that helped pave the way for industries like the automobile industry to come into existence. We owe a lot to this time period in our history.
The evolution of industry has led to machines that are now common place in our lives, and while we may seldom take notice, many rigorous tasks can now be achieved with relative ease. An area that would not be the first to come to your mind would be gardening and lawn care. However when you take into account how much dirty work gardening can require, it becomes more obvious that this occupation can be made much easier. It takes the activity and makes it into a hobby. Since it takes less time, there are more things you can do with your day. One of the many tools that have been invented for this purpose is lawn mowers.
They used to be just cylinder shaped razors connected by two wheels and attached to a handle. All you had to do was to push it through the grass and it would be cut. Simple enough, however you also had to broom up the cut grass and throw it in a trash bag. With today's technology, we now have machines that cut the grass and then blow the grass into bags inside the machine. This cuts the amount of time spent outside substantially.
Lawn mowers also come in many different sizes and styles so that each person can buy the one right for their home. The fact that everyone can have a choice and different model just shows how far the age of industrialism has affected how we live. We continue to reap the benefits from this age of development. Another detail would be how these machines have also created a business opportunity. Depending on the person, lawn mowers can be considered an unnecessary expense. This gives other people the chance to offer services such as mowing people's lawn.
If you are on a budget then having all these options helps. You can find an affordable option to maintain your yard, whether it be on your own or hiring somebody to do it for you. This is all because of industrialism. Thanks to that time in human history we have these innovations that make our lives easier to maintain and get back to what is important which could be family time, your job, etc. Lawn mowers are one of the many ways that we have created progress in becoming more efficient with our time.